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Message From: Joyce June 20, 2009
God bless you. This would be a sad, sad world if we didn't have people like this group in the world.

Message From: hayhay May 3, 2008
i love the site u r doing a good thing helping animals and rescueing them:]

Message From: Lynne March 6, 2008
Love your site! Cried when I read Granny's story. May God bless you for caring so much!

Message From: Jessica March 1, 2008
I love horses and will work here when i am older i am 11

Message From: Kayla Pugh February 15, 2008
hey Sarah this is Kayla jessie Mom just found your website look very nice wish I could take all of the animals home with me.

Message From: LouAnn April 11, 2007
I'm glad to know there are still people who care about the welfare of animals. My 10 year daughter loves horses and has 2 of her own.

Message From: Gabbi February 23, 2007
i love your site and do you have any mustangs, wild horses?

Message From: Ivey November 26, 2006
Great site!And horses!!I want to know more about Ashes do please email me and let me know!

Message From: Nikki December 20, 2005
Happy New Year! ))) good site, recpect! Peace forever!!!!!!!

Message From: Samira December 5, 2005
...All you need is LOVE!!!...