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Q: I’d like to come visit and see the animals before I apply to adopt. Is this OK?
A: We are not open to “browsing”, nor are we a pet store. Available animals are in private foster homes and are listed on our website. All adoptions are done via application. Therefore, an applicant must be extended an invitation to come visit.

Q: I can’t find directions to Lost Fantasy Rescue – why?
A: Lost Fantasy Rescue is operated from our home and a handful of other foster homes. Therefore, we are not a business, and are not “open” for “browsing”. We do not want people dropping off animals on our doorstep, nor do we wish to have thieves decide to visit us. For that reason, directions are available only to those who make an appointment with us for a specific reason.

It takes a village. We often transfer our animals to other rescue organizations
that have larger foster bases & higher adoption rates. 
Email us at lostfantasystables@yahoo.com & let's make a difference TOGETHER!