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Donations & Bequests

Let your love for animals live on...

There exists in all of us the desire and opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. If you have a desire to make tomorrow a better place, giving to a charity such as Lost Fantasy Rescue can empower you to make those dreams a reality. The future of Lost Fantasy is determined by the decisions we make today. If you are interested in providing perpetual support of our organization, please consider a contribution through a planned gift.

What is a Planned Gift?

Planned giving is a way to support your favorite charity. A planned gift can be implemented during your lifetime, or as a part of your estate. Anyone, regardless of income level, can make a tremendous impact through a planned gift to a charity. It is a relatively simple process and can help minimize taxes for yourself and/or your beneficiaries.

It is important to discuss your plans with your professional advisors, such as your attorney, accountant, trust officer, or financial advisor to make sure that your charitable intent is carried out in the best manner for you, your beneficiaries and the charitable organization.

In addition to making an impact and helping your charity, there can be many benefits to the donor in making a planned gift:

  • Reduce income tax.
  • Reduce or eliminate estate taxes on property in your estate.
  • Reduce or eliminate built in capital-gains tax on appreciated property, such as stock or real estate that you have owned for more than one year.
  • Increase your income by receiving a stream of payments for your life and another life, such as your spouse.

Bequest and Devise:

A bequest or a devise are the two most common types of planned gifts. A bequest is a gift of cash or stock and a devise is a gift of real estate---both of which are made through your will to the charity that is most important to you. There are many ways to give a bequest or devise; some of the common types and verbiage used in a bequest or devise gift are listed below:

Percentage Bequest
"I give to (Lost Fantasy Rescue) _________% of my estate to be used for its exempt purposes**."
General Bequest
"I give to (Lost Fantasy Rescue) the sum of $_________ to be used for its exempt purposes**". 
Residuary Bequest 
"I give to (Lost Fantasy Rescue) the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to be used for its exempt purposes**."
Contingent Bequest
"If (name of beneficiary) predeceases me or disclaims, I give such property to (Lost Fantasy Rescue.) to be used for its exempt purposes**."
  • **Gifts may also be restricted for a specific purpose. Please consult Lost Fantasy Rescue for options of restricting your gift to a certain area or project.

Other ways to give..

There are several other ways to make a planned gift to support Lost Fantasy such as life insurance policies, retirement accounts, trusts, gift annuities and other life income gifts. Please see your financial advisor for more specific information on any of these types of donations.

NOTE: All donations are tax deductable to the fullest extent of the IRS Charity codes. Proof of our IRS 501(c)(3) status can be obtained by going to the IRS website and searching "Publication # 78" which lists all charitable organizations. If you have any questions or concerns on the status of LFSAR or would like to see a copy of the filing information please contact us and we will make that available to you (a copying fee may be charged). We do file our 990 tax forms and that information is also available online.