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  Sponsorship Information
Become a Pet Angel!
Sponsor-A-Animal Program


 Sponsor your favorite animal and have your name or business listed along with that animal’s bio on the website. 
There are many reasons to sponsor a Lost Fantasy animal.  If you are not in a position to adopt an animal at this time in your life, you can still contribute and know that you are helping dogs, cats, and horses in need.  You can sponsor an animal in memory or in honor of someone.  Sponsoring an animal is a wonderful way to remember a beloved person or pet.  It also makes a nice birthday, anniversary or graduation gift for an animal lover.  
Animals may be sponsored by more than one person.  And, if you prefer, you may sponsor an animal anonymously.
The donations received through our sponsorship program benefit Lost Fantasy as an organization which in turn benefits all our animals.  
How It Works
Donate $10 per month, per animal, for a three month (3) month minimum commitment.  (Total of $30.00 / pet for three months)  
  • You will be contacted within a few days by Lost Fantasy after receiving your completed form and check
  • You will be sent a sponsorship certificate with your name (suitable for framing)
  • Or, we can send the sponsorship certificate to the recipient of the gift donation (gift)
  • Should your sponsored animal be adopted within your sponsorship commitment period, your sponsorship will be transferred over to another Lost Fantasy animal for the remainder of your sponsorship period.
All sponsorships can be made through our secure PayPal link or by check or money order made out to LFSAR.
All donations to LFSAR are TAX DEDUCTABLE....


Download your Sponsorship Form Here