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We Need Foster Homes

Foster homes are always needed. Not only do we need foster homes in the Virginia area but also in surrounding states. The more foster homes we have the more animals we can save. Currently we operate out of our own facility (actually our home & our own barn) and 3 foster homes (2 for dogs, 1 for horses) so all the help we can get is greatly appreciated by the animals that need us.

We can always use foster homes for dogs but we also need foster homes for horses and other livestock. Foster homes are not compensated with money only with the love that the animals bring into them. However LFSAR will cover all costs of farrier and vet associated with caring for the foster animals.

Foster can be either short or long term depending upon the needs of the animal and the foster homes preference. Foster homes also have the option to adopt the animals that they foster.

You can either copy/paste the form into an email and send it to us at lostfantasystables@yahoo.com  with "Foster Home" in the header or send it to our PO Box if you desire to give a very deserving animal a chance at a better life.


Foster Home Application


Location (City, County, State):



Vet with phone number:

Farrier with phone number:

Acreage set up for equine use:

Amount of horses currently residing at facility:

Level of Experience:

We are looking to foster:

A horse that can be ridden by (level of rider):

A horse that needs training for ground manners/under saddle work.

A companion animal with no health impairments:

A horse that just needs additional weight, grooming and general care to bring it back to full health.

A horse that has mild health impairments (founder, heaves, arthritis)

A horse that may be considered to have crisis impairments.

A stallion awaiting gelding.

Pregnant mare or mare and foal care needed.

Please realize that rideable sound horses are normally the first to be adopted. There are the occasions that for some reason they do become available to foster.

Most rescue animals will require health care and farrier care. Please do not be offended if you are asked by the rescues for information on how you will cover these expenses. We do refund all vet/farrier expenses!

Rescue will require access to foster animal. These may be announced or unannounced visits.